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Hot Tub Hire Prices

Renting a hot tub is a fantastic idea for events and special occasions. Learn more about how much it costs to hire a hot tub and other key factors to consider in our handy price guide below.

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    How Much Does It Cost To Hire a Hot Tub?

    Average cost: £170

    Depending on the time and place of your event and the type of hot tub you want, hiring a hot tub can cost anything from £120 to £300.

    Hot Tub Hire Prices

    Whether you’re throwing a party or just want to relax in your back garden, you can rent a hot tub to fit your budget.

    Choose your time and type of tub carefully, and you’ll be unwinding in no time without breaking the bank!

    If you live remotely or far away from the hot tub hire base, you might need to add a little extra on top for long distance delivery.

    If you’re looking for a total blow-out, some hot tub hire services include accessories like gazebos, lighting, portable decking, waterproof games or cards, and even floating drinks holders.

    Type of Hot Tub

    The type and model is another consideration when it comes to hot tub hire prices.

    Most services have one or two major hot tub styles on offer: inflatable and solid. Inflatable hot tubs often come flat packed and will be inflated on site, which cuts the cost of rental and transportation. Although they can be slower to heat and the jets can be less powerful, hiring an inflatable hot tub is a great way to experience luxury on a budget.

    If you’re looking to try a solid spa tub, they can offer a higher capacity and quicker heating times. Usually, the service will deliver and assemble the tub for you, plugging it into a standard household socket.

    Length of Hire

    Like with most things, the length of hire will have an impact on the hot tub hire cost. Minimum hire tends to be two or three nights, so you can rent a hot tub for a weekend, or a whole week, or even longer.

    It is true that a weekend rental is often near in price to a week-long deal, so check with your supplier in case they offer similar savings!

    Popular Hot Tub Hire Times

    If you’re looking to for a good deal on hot tub rental, it’s best to hire one in the mid-week lull or to avoid special occasions like Christmas, Valentine’s Day and bank holidays.

    There’s one night a year when hot tubs fly off the shelves, so customers can ring in the new year with two kinds of bubbles! Make sure to book early if that’s your plan too.

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