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Hog Roast Prices

Find out how much hiring a hog roast can cost, along with the key factors to consider when hiring a hog roast for any event.

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    How much does hog roast hire cost?

    Average cost: £500

    You can expect to find a basic hog roast from £350 or an all-the-trimmings service from £1200+, but prices may vary depending on your location and event plans.

    Hog Roast Prices

    A blow-out event is a great excuse for a huge hog roast, but they don’t necessarily come with a bank-breaking price tag. Hog roast hire can be as simple or as fancy as your event dictates, and are always a great way to get your guests talking.

    Hog roasts typically use little space and most will come with tents or serving tables included. A hog roast is an excellent option for parties with limited area, great value for a budget, and a meat lover's dream!

    Number of Guests

    The number of attendees at your event will affect the size of the pig you’ll need to roast, which will, in turn, affect the total price of the service. Usually, feeding up to 100 people will provide very slight variance in cost but feeding up to 200 will raise the bill. If you’re feeding under 40 people, a hog roast might not be the most cost-effective choice - unless you’re hoping for a lot of leftovers.

    Menu and Side Options

    The cost for a hog roast can be totally transformed by your choice of sides and extra edibles for the day. At its most modest, a hog roast caterer will provide your party with a glorious hunk of meat in a soft bun, smothered in sauce and wrapped in a napkin. At the other end of the spectrum, you could have a sit-down service of roasted pork with apple sauce, stuffing, coleslaws, potatoes, salad, and even meaty canapes to whet the appetite.

    And don’t forget the vegetarians! Chances are, you’ll need to provide a veggie-friendly option for your meat-free guests. Many hog roast hires will include these extras in their menu, but it’s good practice to check.

    Cooking Times

    It’s not an exaggeration to say that all hog roast suppliers work with different ovens, spits, and cooking times, offering different packages depending on the time they’ll need to be roasting on site. Some will cook the entire pig at your venue for a full day, whilst others will bring the still-cooking hog over to the location and complete the roast in front of your guests.

    Sometimes having the whole pig cooked on-site will cost extra, but your guests will be able to marvel at the roasting pig before they get to eat it. All of these variables can also be affected by the size of the pig, which can take between four and six hours to cook, so remember to factor it in if you’re feeding more than 100 people.


    Although eternally popular, some venues are simply not equipped to deal with a full hog roast, whether outdoor or indoor. Be sure to keep all lines of communication open when planning your event and consult with your venue as you make decisions. Other venues will offer an approved list of caterers, which may well include a few hog roast for hire options.

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