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The Office Christmas Party: An Organiser’s Guide

You may not think it, but your office is packed with potential for a great event, but the trick is knowing what to hire in. From festive foods to jovial jigs, this guide will help bring some Christmas cheer to your workplace.

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    Organising a great office party isn’t easy. You’re catering for lots of different people, and whether it’s their job type, seniority, or age, you need to strike the right balance. You also need to consider food, drink, activities, decorations and entertainment. If you’re in charge of organising the office party and reading this, don't worry, we’ve got you covered.

    We all know the struggle of getting out of bed, facing the frost, only to spend all those precious daylight hours in the office. So it’s only fair that your company host an awesome office Christmas party! This is your chance to get merry on the mulled wine and get right past the ‘office chat’ with your colleagues. You could finally get to speak to Steven from accounts, who you always thought was hilarious, or more regrettably, advise HR on how the four day week “really does work”.

    So, let’s get started!

    What do I need to consider?


    Before you start anything else, consider your venue. Will the party be at your office or elsewhere? First, find out how much access there is into the building. It’s important for any supplier to know this, as they’ll need to get their equipment in and out of the venue. If it’s the office, we advise moving desks to open up space (unfortunately, offices are not usually designed for parties). Essentially, know your venue, and communicate that as much as you can to any supplier you book.


    Food for the event is crucial. Why go fitness crazy in January if you’re not indulging yourself in December? With the drinks and chat flowing on the night, you can’t guarantee that everyone eats at the same time, so a buffet might be a great option. It’s easy to transport into the office and with a wide selection, all food requirements can be met regardless of the size of your company.

    If you browse the ‘Buffet’ category on Add to Event, you’ll find an array of suppliers who can cater to your needs. Take Buffet Galore, for example. They offer sandwiches, wraps, finger food, pastries and sumptuous cakes using only the best ingredients. So whether the guests want to nibble on a mince pie or indulge with a cheese board, they can do as they please.

    To hear from fantastic local buffet suppliers, simply submit a request via our form.


    Drinks are an important part of any successful office Christmas party as they’ll help everyone relax and get out of work mode. Just like your food catering, you’ll want to provide a variety of drinks for your guests, so a bar that can go from cracking open a beer to shaking up a martini is the smart choice. But if you really want the night to stand out, include a drinks supplier with some serious flair.

    A Prosecco bar, for example, would make a perfect accompaniment to the CEO’s speech. Zizzy Mobile Bar is a great choice for mobile bar hire, with their seasonal special, ‘The White Christmas Mojito’. They also have a cigar menu, so you can forget the day job and feel like an old-school big shot in the city!

    Receive tailored quotes from a range of stunning mobile bar suppliers, by submitting a request form now.


    The next thing on your list should be organising a great activity. This will encourage everyone to break the ice and engage people that wouldn’t otherwise in the workplace. Ice skating is a classic Christmas activity, but this can seem like an office party pipe-dream. Think again… mobile ice rink hire can be used indoors and enjoyed by all. They are usually formed of small, individual sections which can be put together to create the exact dimensions of your own office - perfect! Simply the Best Events are one of our favourite mobile ice rink suppliers.

    However, if mobile ice rinks aren’t your thing then why not try fun casino hire? Or, why not leave a joker in the deck and hire in a comedian to get involved with the night’s antics. Paul Ray is a comedian and magician, and his sleight of hand and quick wit could be a great addition to some casino games. Fun casino hire and magicians are all about adding a touch of class and sophistication to your event - perfect alongside a Prosecco bar.

    Browse magician hire.


    Decorations are everywhere during Christmas time and the office party is no exception. Kit out the place with fake snow, tinsel, and all things sparkly. If you want to transform the boardroom into a winter wonderland, consider the office space you have and work it to your advantage. Create different levels in your Christmas landscape with desks and chairs, play a classic film on the projector and turn the whiteboard into a snowy illustration. After the event, you could donate all the decorations to the employees for their own homes. Christmas is notorious for waste, so let’s keep the environment in mind.

    View our range of local event decorators.


    To close off the night is the all-important dance floor. There are so many Christmas hits to dance to, but you only get one work Christmas party - enter the mobile disco! Most suppliers offer a convenient party package; disco lights, PA and DJ decks, so there’s less stress on your side. Limelight UK can also provide a photo booth with their mobile disco, why not fill it with Christmas themed props? It could be a great way to capture one of the highlights of the company calendar.

    Hear from highly rated local DJs by submitting a hire request here.

    As the chill sets in and we all look forward to Christmas, you imagine a stress free time ahead; you're by a fire, with your feet up and the TV’s gifted you with a quality film. But in reality, there’s stress ahead; there are distant relatives, a burnt turkey and last minute plans to deal with. But for one night only you have your glorious Christmas office party. Bond with co-workers, enjoy Christmas treats and dance the 9 to 5 away.

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